Friday, August 27, 2010

Mobile Sites and Regular Websites

Before, during and after your outing you can look up websites using your mobile device such as an Iphone, IPad, Blackberry or Android Phone to prepare, complement, and review information of interest. Websites are being made to view on your smaller screens and give you the information in a format that is easier to see, yet offering the site in a compact viewing mode. Here is a screen shot of the the National Postal Service website in the "Normal" view:

Now here's a screen capture of the same site on a mobile device:

This option is just beginning as web developers program for mobile devices. Please note you will find if there is a mobile option on the regular site, or the mobile device will pick it up automatically.

Time to enjoy and catch up while in transit. Recently, I was at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC viewing the Matisse show. It was very crowded and I was tired. I looked at their podcast that I had downloaded and saw the text and highlights of the show were included, so I did not have to stand in front of a wall trying to read the descriptions as people passed by.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 and the economy

Shoe Museum - Toronto, Canada

The New York Times published an OP-Art...On the Heels of a Recession with photos of shoes from 1938, 1943, 1974, and 2010 respectively. Interesting to see how styles are effected by world financials. The credits on this article noted two museums, one in Toronto, Canada - The Bata Shoe Museum and the other in Florence, Italy - Museo Salvatore Ferragamo. Both museums websites have wonderful photos of shoes and a slice of life, styles and financial history that impacted the fashion of the times.

Take a look at these shoes, can you guess the country of origin and what they were used for? Use the comment space to tell up what you think!