Monday, August 31, 2009

New Season, Energies, and Mind Stimulation

I am very fond of The Visual Thesaurus. I saw it several years ago at a Museum and Web conference. This site made me sit up and take notice of what was happening on the Web and an idea of what was coming with interactives. I use the Visual Thesaurus to look up synonyms or to stimulate ideas of other words that may help express my thoughts better. Learning and seeing go hand in hand for me, I am definitely a visual learner. I subscribe to the Visual Thesaurus and have given it as a gift. There are special annual rates for schools. Vocabgrabber added in May 2009 is a wonderful new add-on feature. You can cut and paste text and it pulls out words and gives you their part of speech and a definition. Words are classified into several groups: Geography, People, Social Studies, Arts and Literature, Math, Science and Vocabulary. Please try it for yourself, let me know what you think.

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